HistoryIn the mission of meeting the need and lack of resources and Products that prioritized the benefit and comfort of probes and catheters patients and users in Brazil, in 2003, The comercial board of directors in visits to International Trade Fairs, found the opportunity that he had been waiting for: solutions through Products in silicon that would ensure greater comfort for the treatment due to its biocompatibility.

In a short time the use of Products in 100% silicon has become increasingly vital to patients and health professionals. But that was not enough. With the rising demand, in 2006, in a strategic decision to accelerate the growth of this Product line, the construction of a plant in Brazil was started, in the heart of Sorocaba.

That is how GMI path begins!

Parallel to the trade, research and development projects have been prepared, always trying to meet the needs of its users, producing with greater quality and standard compared to the Products that were imported. For that, the company that since the beginning prioritizes its continuous improvement has conquered important quality certificates, such as: BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices) classes I, II, III and IV, in addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

In constant growth, GMI has been investing in facilities and new technologies, generating a better structural organization, which allows us to act today on the national territory in an agile and efficient manner, with service capacity at international level. And to expand its exports, it is on the track to obtain another important quality standard seal, the CE Certification.

MissionProvide the community with Products of high reliability, in order to improve the medical benefits, helping to optimize the people quality of life, contributing to the society well-being.

VisionCommitted to work jointly for the health development and medical progress, we are always seeking to develop excellent Products that meet the expectations of our customers, putting GMI on the market, in order to achieve levels of global proportion, which provide us new sales opportunities.

ValuesWe have the purpose of continuously improving our teamwork, in order to qualify our processes with new ideas, development and production of inputs, always in benefit of the medicine.

Honesty and social responsibility to continue with our organizational objectives and to keep a good balance between the economic and social considerations, maintaining our responsibility towards the area, always targeted to our customers, partners and suppliers, and contributing to the excellence of medical care.

Trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity, these are the values adopted by GMI to satisfy its consumers, dealers and employees.