SiliconSilicon with platinum-type cure is a material known for its excellent mechanical properties and high transparency. It meets the ISO-10993 requirements (Biological evaluation of health Products) and it is fully biocompatible, a very important factor, because in addition to being well tolerated, it provides the health professional a handling with greater convenience in the treatment.

Silicon, due to its high flexibility degree, can be repeatedly folded or plucked, without causing deformations. Its great thermal stability allows a wide range of temperature, from -50°C to 220°C without the change of its properties.

Another significant advantage of Silicon is that it does not release contaminant substances, thus extinguishing secondary reactions, both local, general and systemic. As it is a hydrophobic property material, it prevents the fluids adhesion (such as: blood, blood clots, foods, medicines and others), inhibiting the bacteria and fungi growth, avoiding of the transported fluids contamination. GMI Products are made in 100% Silicon.

TitaniumTitanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V ELI, this alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion and tensile strength. Much used in medical devices and implants, also in aerospace applications. In the case of medical applications, stringent specifications are required so that the final customer can rely that the material is within the required standard, in this case this alloy meets ASTM F136.

Polyurethane and PVCIn our processes only polymers free from phthalates are used (DEHP free), following recommendations of international bodies and agencies (FDA and CE).

R&D/studiesEngineers that develop new technologies and Products to our portfolio are always in search of new development partnerships with other companies and institutions.

PartnersIn order to seek innovation and continuous development, GMI has partnerships with educational and research institutions in the region, evolving in conjunction with the community in where it is inserted to.

Among the partnerships we can highlight:

  • FAPESP – Foundation for the Support to Research of the State of São Paulo (2015 Process/22354-4);
  • UNESP – Universidade Estadual Paulista – Campus of Sorocaba;
  • Technological Park of Sorocaba;
  • PUC – Pontifical Catholic University – Campus Sorocaba.

CertificationsWe have the following certifications: ISO 13485 and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices.

ISO 13485
Certificado de Boas Praticas de fabricacao (BPF – ANVISA)